Social Consciousness

Moreno Hotel Buenos Aires, is compromised with the environment and society through programs and facts:

  • Collaborating with the cause of the international NOG "Doctors of the World": funds collect with a poll located in the lobby of the Hotel. Guests can find an application form in their rooms.

  • Participation of the program collection of plastic caps, for the Children Hospital Dr. Garrahan of the city of Buenos Aires.

  • Donation of shits bedding, and clothing that the guests left in the hotel, to the Salvation Army.
  • Reduction of towels washing system, to  the will of the guests.
  • Re utilization of print sheets to the confection of internal files, utilization of printer rounds of recycle toner.

  • Installation of the program, BLACK PIXEL PROJECT in every computer of the hotel, program implemented for GREEN PEACE ARGENTINA to safe energy.

  • Replacement of regular light bulbs for low consumption lamps.
  • We select our amenities in biodegradable containers.
  • We mention the causes of ambient self awareness in the social networks of the Hotel.
  • Carbon Neutral Stay Program.

Carbon Neutral Stay

Moreno is committed to develop and provide sustainable products and services to address climate change.

Moreno Hotel contracted an external Brazilian company, Eccaplan Sustainable Consulting, to inventory the average building uses of electricity, gas, transportation, air conditioning and waste disposal. Secondly, this company calculated the amount of greenhouse gas emitted (CO2 equivalent) per square meter per year and room night, including the average common area space.

Moreno is the first hotel in Argentina now offering to hotel guests the opportunity to offset carbon emissions from hotel usage through our carbon-neutral booking program.

The carbon-neutral booking follows the principles defined at Kyoto Protocol and its flexible mechanism (Clean Develop Mechanism), helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through certificate and innovative projects which uses green technologies or sustainable forestry to generate credible voluntary carbon credits.

The environmental projects used to compensate guests emissions are audited by companies certified by United Nation (UN) and has its carbon credits negotiated on different carbon markets as: Chicago Climate Exchange, UN, Gold Standard, Social Carbon, etc.

The guest that makes a carbon neutral booking will receive an e-mail with a member login and password to access the “Eccaplan Carbon Neutral Registry” for Moreno Hotel. The carbon neutralization monthly historic reports are held and controlled at “Evento Neutro” website ( where Moreno’s guests can access and download the full detailed report.



Please send us an e-mail to or call us at (+54 11) 6091 2000.

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